Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pizza Luau

If you are counting Weight Watcher points, this recipe is a 4 (for 1 whole English Muffin)

I finally got to the store today and got the ingredients to make the first 4 recipes in the new Hungry Gril 1-2-3 Cookbook. Got my bags in the house, unloaded everything and couldn't find the deli ham! I looked high and low and was :::this close:::to calling the store and balling out the cashier. Glad I looked in my bag full of Easter goodies for my family... it was in there!

Well, I put together the pizzas, and they went together as expected. Who hasn't made English Muffin pizzas before? I thought it was neat to put a nice ring of pineapple on top...fits the Englsh Muffin perfectly! I left off the pineapple on my son's pizzas, I am sure he'll eat his on it's own. He's not a big "fruit on my pizza" kind of guy.

I am looking forward to trying a healthy little pizza even though I didn't eat so healthy today, and if The Hungry Girl knew, I think she'd throw a chunk of tofu at me!

Pizza Luau Review:
Excellent little pizzas with just the right flavor! Tastes like the orignial Hawaiian pizzas you find at a pizza palor. I had to add some Crushed Red Pepper, because I am a spicy girl, but the flavor of the onions with the pineapple combined with the saltiness of the ham is delicious!
Teenage son's Review: He thought I bought them somewhere, because most pizzas we do. He liked it without the pineapple and is currently gobbling down a couple "slices!" (shhhhhh--he has absolutely NO idea they are good for him!)
Husband's Review: He was surprised they were good for him...he told me to make them again!

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