Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cheesy Green Eggs n' Hamwiches

"Do not fear eggs that have a green hue. They're just, um, different."

Well, different enough for my family! I decided NOT to add the 2 drops of green food coloring to make these green eggs n' hamwiches. It obviously doesn't need it, but I can see the fun of it...maybe for kids or St Patty's Day!

I have to be honest, I wasn't sure when I made this recipe for my husband this morning. I even told him to try it, and if he didn't like it, I"d make him something else. Well...he loved it! I was surprised as he isn't a big fan of Laughing Cow Cheese, which was mixed into the egg whites. Turned out to be a wonderfully, tasting breakfast and very fillilng!

In the recipe, it says that kids love this recipe. I can see that, although I haven't tried it on my teenagers yet. They are different from kids... pickier. But I will definitly try this one out on them!

Weight Wathers: 5 pts, 255 calories, 4.5g fat, 1,319mg sodium, 25g carbs, 5.75g fiber, 3g sugars, 30g protein.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Outside-In Cheeseburger Patty

"We've boldly placed Laughing Cow wedges where they've never been placed before. We're adventurous like that."

This recipe has very few ingredients, but tastes like a gourmet burger! I have to admit, I was a little nervous about making my teenagers try it, because putting a big wedge of Laughing Cow cheese in the middle, seemed a little odd. Intriguing to me, but gross to teenagers. So I let them eat left overs last night and I prepared the Outside-In Cheeseburgers for my husband and I.

The preparation work was minimal and took no time at all to put it together...which is my kind of recipe! The ooooey gooey cheese in the middle was amazing! I, without a doubt, will be placing a wedge of this glorious cheese in the middle of every burger I make! Simply scrumptious!

The recipe called for the original flavor of the LC cheese, but I only had the garlic and herb. OMG, yum! It went very well with the garlic and onion that I put into the burger. I ate it alone, without a bun with some broiled asparagus on the side. (Another favorite of mine--simply spray with cooking spray, top with season salt from and broil until crispy! YUM!)

Their suggestion in the cookbook is to place between two giant leaves of lettuce...I will do that next time! I love lettuce wraps!

Weight Watchers: 4 points, 179 calories, 6.5g fat, 502mg sodium, 1.5g sugars, 26.5 protein

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tremendous Top Shelf Turkey Burger

On tonight's menu, is Hungry Girl's Tremendous Top Shelf Turkey Burger and TOP SHELF it is! Loaded with mushrooms & onions (although chopped so fine my mushroom and onion hating son didn't even notice). I wonder what else I can hide in this burger? The flavor of these thick and juicy burgers is amazing, which is to be expected. It doesn't hold together quite like a real hamburger, which is why there was a side note in the recipe stating to be careful when flipping. I made 4 burgers, 3 made it into the picture, because one I didn't flip so carefully and wasn't as pretty as the others. But it tasted just fine! I ate that one!

This burger has an option, can be eaten alone on a plate or on a bun. I think it may be easier to eat on a plate. I can see this being a somewhat of a messy burger on a bun. But that doesn't mean its a bad burger, its just a thick and juicy burger!!!

Again, like my problem with the last recipe...MY problem not a recipe problem. This recipe called for putting bread in a food processor/blender to make crumbs. I am lacking when it comes to those kitchen appliances so I tried my hand chopper tonight. PERFECT! So if you want another way to make your bread crumbs, hand choppers are another option.

***one other thing I need to mention. The recipe called for Dijonaise and I swear up and down I had some. Not the case. So I substituted with Jalepeno Mustard. YUM!!!!!****

Weight Watchers poing value: 4 pts, 184 calories, 6.5g fat, 502 mg sodium, 12g carbs, 2g fiber, 4g sugar, 20.5 protein.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

AM Apple Scramble

I woke up bright and early today, eager to make the next recipe in the Hungry Girl Cookbook for me and my husband for breakfast. Ok, I didn't get up bright and early, in fact, my husband was up an hour or so before and already made himself breakfast. So this recipe I made for myself this morning.

It was simple to put together, lots of little steps, but it was worth it in the end. This Apple Scramble is worth the 10 mins or so to put together! Although I would omit the step of using a food processor/blender to "chop" up the toasted piece of low cal white bread. My blender just isn't good, so I wound up tearing it up into little pieces on my own. Or I could have used my hand chopper, now that I think about it! In the recipe, it has you chop the bread in the blender and then add the apple egg mixture to the blender...just to combine the ingredients. Again, I think, because my blender doesn't work well. Mixing by hand all the ingredients works fine. In fact, I like how chunky the scramble was, after I cooked it. Another little change I made was the recipe called for 2 packets of Splenda, I used 2 packet of Splenda with fiber. Can't hurtt to have a little more fiber!

This recipe makes a huge dish of yummy goodness! I was surprised at the amount it made. It could easily be split up for two people along with some fresh fruit and a slice of toast. But, I did just fine eating it on my own. Every little bite. It tasted a lot like apple French Toast/cinnamon apple bread pudding. Delicious!!!!
Weight Watchers: 4 points. 242 calories, 1.75 grams of fat, 655mg sodium, 42g carbs, 6.25 fiber, 15.5g sugar, 17.5 protein.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pizza Luau

If you are counting Weight Watcher points, this recipe is a 4 (for 1 whole English Muffin)

I finally got to the store today and got the ingredients to make the first 4 recipes in the new Hungry Gril 1-2-3 Cookbook. Got my bags in the house, unloaded everything and couldn't find the deli ham! I looked high and low and was :::this close:::to calling the store and balling out the cashier. Glad I looked in my bag full of Easter goodies for my family... it was in there!

Well, I put together the pizzas, and they went together as expected. Who hasn't made English Muffin pizzas before? I thought it was neat to put a nice ring of pineapple on top...fits the Englsh Muffin perfectly! I left off the pineapple on my son's pizzas, I am sure he'll eat his on it's own. He's not a big "fruit on my pizza" kind of guy.

I am looking forward to trying a healthy little pizza even though I didn't eat so healthy today, and if The Hungry Girl knew, I think she'd throw a chunk of tofu at me!

Pizza Luau Review:
Excellent little pizzas with just the right flavor! Tastes like the orignial Hawaiian pizzas you find at a pizza palor. I had to add some Crushed Red Pepper, because I am a spicy girl, but the flavor of the onions with the pineapple combined with the saltiness of the ham is delicious!
Teenage son's Review: He thought I bought them somewhere, because most pizzas we do. He liked it without the pineapple and is currently gobbling down a couple "slices!" (shhhhhh--he has absolutely NO idea they are good for him!)
Husband's Review: He was surprised they were good for him...he told me to make them again!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little about The Hungry Girl

Here is a link to The Hungry Girl website if anyone is interested.
Quote from HG website: "I'm not a nutritionist, I'm just hungry.
My name is Lisa and I'm just an average female, struggling with the same food issues most females struggle with every day. I try the latest fad diets, chomp on new fat free foods & diet products, and yes, I too order everything on the side. I consider myself a foodologist…not because I have some kind of fancy degree, but because I am obsessed with food, how wonderful it is, and how much of it will make it impossible for me to fit into my pants. Food is my passion and it has been my lifelong obsession. "

Hungry Girl Cookbook 1-2-3

Ok, so I've decided to accept the challenge like Julie did in the movie Julie & Julia. Although I am not going to go the extreme and try to cook like Julia Child or anything. No way, no how...and plus...that's just way too much butter! I am all about eating healthy and making sure the foods I eat have flavor. Flavor is the key. And texture. lol I've used many of The Hungry Girl recipes before and have loved every single one of them. So now out comes another cook book from The Hungry Girl. Hungry Girl Cookbook 1-2-3. Approx 170 recipes I believe. It was hard to count with everything going on around me. But I figure that's 3-4 yummy HG recipes a week. I can do that! Heck, I have to cook for my family anyway!

So out comes my new cookbook. I go thru the suggested kitchen staples and recommended products. I have some of them...because I have been a Hungry Girl fan for quite some time now. I need to stock up with the essentials. If you have the book, you'll see what I am talking about. All seem pretty easy to find.

First recipe in Chapter One, Swinging Single Meals. Hummm...not a swinging single, not even close. I have 3 hungry boys at home (including hubby), so I will be quadrupling the recipes for myself and family. But you'll get to read my reviews on each recipe etc. I won't be posting the recipe, you'll have to follow along with me in your book. Anyway, first recipe:

Pizza Luau. Wonder if I will feel like I am in Hawaii when I eat it? Wouldn't that be nice? Description: "This pizza is sweet, fun and DELICIOUS. And don't even think about limiting it to lunch or snack-time. It's a great breakfast, too!"

Needed: Baking sheet and non stick spray. Prep: 5 mins (way cool!) and Cook: 10 mins (yes!)

Stay tuned!